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3 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Here are three ways to drive traffic to your website:

1️⃣ Marketing:

A few examples include; Setting up an email sequence, Running ads that link to your website, and Using local press to direct back to your website

2️⃣ SEO:

Search Engine Optimization. Wix has a built in SEO tool to use so that your website is found easily while searching on the internet.

3️⃣ Social Media:

Use your platforms to link back to your website.

Once you launch your website that’s just the beginning! Be sure you put a strategic plan in place to drive traffic to your site.

Are you doing anything to increase traffic to your site besides these three things?

Do you need more ideas on how to make your Wix Website work for you? Click here to purchase my Create Your Own Website in a Weekend ebook.

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