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What Can Wix Do for You?

Did you know Wix can help you run your business AND save money?

Allow me to introduce you to all the functions available on your Wix site just waiting for you to discover:

1. Add COURSES (and charge for them)

2. Host LIVESTREAMS (hello more traffic to your site)

3. Register and promote EVENTS/WEBINARS

4. BOOK right from your site

5. Add GROUPS (just like a FB group)

6. Add a MEMBERSHIP area

7. Add SUBSCRIPTIONS for things like blogs and memberships


9. Implement a FORUM

10. LABEL and TAG contacts

11. Implement a WORKFLOW

And so much more!

It's a small business machine on the backend. I've moved many clients off of other expensive platforms into Wix because everything they needed to run their business was included in their hosting fee.

Want to find out more?

Click HERE to book a discovery call with me and let's get you on the path to running your business more efficiently while saving you money

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