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How to Get Visitors to Fall In Love With Your Website

Do your visitors experience love at first site?

Start by checking these 3 areas of your website and see if you need to make improvements:

1. Loading Speed - "I love waiting around forever for a website to load," said no one ever. If your site is taking its own sweet time to open up, check the size of your images and files. Large, heavy files will slow a site down.

2. Stylish Design - Research website design trends because just like fashion, online trends come and go. Don't get stuck with an outdated design from 2016. Keep it fresh, inviting and up-to-date.

3. Clear - No one has time to decipher or hunt down the information they need. Give it to them front and center and use attention grabbing headlines and slogans. Create intrigue and expectancy to start the scroll.

Are you ready to hand over the reins? It's time for a professional designer to take over your website project. No more fooling around. It's time to level up! Let our team at WixDesignHer give you a website that you love. Click here to discover your options.


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