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Why Create a Course in Wix?

One of the best ways to showcase your knowledge and expertise is via an online course.

Creating an online course allows you to:

1. Position yourself as an authority in your field

2. Foster a community of like-minded individuals around your business

3. Expand your reach - all from within your home.

THE FIRST STEP in creating your successful online course is choosing the right subject matter.

Ask yourself, "What do I do best?" and "What do people ask me advice on?" The answers you come up with will point you in the direction of what could be a successful courses for you.

THE SECOND STEP is understanding your ideal audience (which I have an entire chapter devoted to in my book, "Creating Your Own Website in a Weekend"). What are they interested in learning more of? Listen to their answers and create your course accordingly. Research the subject matter and if you find other people have created courses around it as well, that's good news! It means there's demand for what you have to teach.

Offering a course on your website is a great way to prove your authority as well as generate more traffic to your site. The longer people stay on your site watching your course helps improve your SEO. And when you charge for your course you're increasing your revenue. It's a win-win!

Ready to start your own course? Book a free 15 minute consultation call today!

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