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Website Attraction Tips

Are you ready to attract the perfect clients with a beautiful website that demands their attention?

Check out these four simple things you can do to ensure your visitor simply can't leave your website and makes them want to work with you exclusively:

1. ATTRACTIVE DESIGN: Attractive design is often the first and last impression a visitor has of your site and it's important to make a good one. Believe it or not, 38% of people will stop interacting with a website if the content or layout is unattractive. If you're not seeing the revenue results you know deep down inside you're capable of, then it may be time to invest in a website designer.

2. MOBILE OPTIMIZE: It's 2022, but there are still sites out there that aren't mobile optimized. If your user has to do the 'pinch and squeeze', they're gone. Make sure you utilize a responsive friendly design that looks great on any device.

3. TIP TOP FUNCTIONALITY: Check your links and buttons to be sure your user's experience is seamless. Your menu navigation should be easy. Don't let people have to hunt for what they need.

4. CLEAR CALL-TO-ACTION: Calls-to-Actions are important for both user attraction and conversion. A CTA should clearly state what is expected of your visitor or lead, so be sure it's easy to understand.

  • Make it bigger than other parts of your site

  • Use a contrasting color so that it stands out against the background

  • Have only one CTA on each page so users know what they're supposed to do

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