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Attraction Website: Mobile Optimized

True story. This is what happens when your website isn't mobile optimized.

As I was checking around the internet for a new dining room table last year, I did what most people do these days. I went to Google. I did a quick search for "dining room table" and Google dutifully curated a list of links for me to click on. I read through titles and descriptions and clicked on one I thought would be a good fit. When it took me to the site, I was hit with major disappointment. I was on my mobile phone and the site wasn't mobile optimized. The writing was small, the image not so great, and I ultimately ended up buying my new table someplace else.

So what did that translate into for the company? The loss of a huge sale. (Dining room tables aren't cheap in case you haven't shopped for one in awhile). And if others left the site as quickly as I did, that means it wasn't just the loss of one sale, but multiple.

One of the biggest ways you can attract and engage clients is to be sure your website is mobile optimized. Nearly 60% of all online searches are performed on mobile devices so don't let your visitor have to go through the 'pinch and squeeze'. Give them an optimal and delightful experience with mobile responsiveness.

All of the websites we design come with the mobile optimized version included, including our "Kickstart Your Business" package. Do you need help with setting up your lead magnet and email automation? If you've tried the DIY route, but it's just not turning out right; you need help because you understand that your website is the most important piece of your marketing puzzle but you don't have the time or the expertise to get it done right, then this option is perfect for you! We will design a beautiful website that attracts your ideal client and grows your email list! Visit us here to get started.


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