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8 Steps to Increased Exposure on Google

Do you need help getting found on Google? Here are 8 steps to increasing your visibility!

Step 1: Claim and Verify

You first need to create your account on Google. You will have the option to either claim or create your business’ listing. Either way, the next step is verification. This is the process by which Google ensures that you are the owner of your business. You may have the option to verify by phone, email, or search console. Verification may take up to two weeks.

Step 2: Choose Categories for Your Business

You can choose one primary category, and up to nine secondary categories. As of 2020, there are 3942 categories for you to choose from, so take your time when choosing the category that best represents what you do!

Step 3: Add Images of Your Business

This can be a physical tour, where you showcase the outside and inside of your building, or it can be more of a conceptual tour, where you try to communicate the feel and mission of your company. Put yourself in your client's shoes when adding images of your business.

Step 4: Add Address, Phone Number & Basic Info

Pro Tips: When adding a phone number to your business, make sure it’s local. Use important keywords that add supportive information for online searches when writing your business description. A properly implemented link to your Business Profile and your own online property is important.

Step 5: Keep Tabs on Your Reviews

You want to get as many positive client reviews as possible. Don’t worry about getting reviews specifically through Google — the search engine often scans the web and integrates reviews from other websites into your Business Profile.

Step 6: Add Offers to Your Listing

With this option, you can let Google users know about special deals and discounts that they can receive through your business.

Step 7: Make Regular Posts to Your Listing

These posts can be updates, events, offers, or new products.

Step 8: Set Up Messaging

By setting up Business Profile messaging, customers can contact you directly through your listing.

Did you like learning about these steps? For a more in depth review and "how to", click HERE to gain access to the 8 Steps To Increased Exposure download.


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