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Wix DesignHer Starts New Facebook Group For Female Entrepreneurs

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Calling all female entrepreneurs who are just starting out! Join us over at our new Facebook group Wix DesignHer: website help for female entrepreneurs.

This is the space and place to come ask all of your website design questions. You know the ones you encounter as you go along creating your site and then, "Wham!" you come up against something that just isn't working the way it should. Pretty soon you find yourself thinking, "I just wish there was someone I could ask how to do this." Well, now there is!

Hop on over to the Wix DesignHer Facebook Group and ask away. No one should have to pull her hair out or bang her head against the desk when it comes to creating her website. Discover website peace of mind along with a friendly community of support and encouragement. Don't spend hours trying to figure something out only to keep hitting a dead end. Get the advice and helping hand you need that saves you time and lowers your stress. We think that's a pretty convincing combination to join...don't you? Hope to see you in the group soon!

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