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Wix DesignHer Helps Female Entrepreneurs With Website Design

Calling all female entrepreneurs!! I've put together a new YouTube series dedicated specifically to you called Wix DesignHer!

As I scroll through all my social feeds I see time and again the questions and uncertainty that DIY websites can sometimes cause. "Does this look good enough? How do I drive traffic to my site? What do you think of this image? Are these colors right? What do you think of my logo?"

Now you can get answers to all these questions and more with Wix DesignHer. I'll be focusing on design + marketing tips and tricks so you can share your site with confidence and satisfaction. Let Wix DesignHer be your go-to source for Resources, Advice, Inspiration, Support and Encouragement as we RAISE the bar for all of us! Be sure to hit subscribe so you don't miss anything! You can catch the first episode here.

Wix DesignHer helps female entrepreneurs with their websites.
Wix DesignHer helps female entrepreneurs take the guesswork out of designing their websites.

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