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Why Bad DIY Design Is Killing Your Business

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

We get it. Your struggling to keep costs down because you're not bringing in enough money from sales. And one of the easiest things to not spend money on is your website. So you take the DIY route and end up with a site that you think looks OK. Maybe you think it even looks pretty good. But here's the bad news: "OK" and "pretty good" in this digital age don't cut it. This next sentence might hurt a little but it could mean the difference between staying in business and going out of business. Here goes:

Bad design is one of the biggest profit killers for small businesses. Why? Because no one wants to do business on an ugly website.

Can you design your own website? Sure. But that's asking the wrong question. SHOULD you design your own website? Probably not. Because design isn't just about making a site look pretty on the outside. It gets much deeper under the hood. A professional web designer helps you:

  • Understand the goal of your site

  • Figure out a strategic user-experience for your customers

  • Implement key words intentionally

  • Optimize SEO

  • Test for responsiveness on all devices

  • Use the proper color/font/spacing rules

  • Integrate motivational CTA's (Calls-to-Action)

  • Research/choose captivating professional images

  • Develop high quality content

  • Create sales leads through landing pages

  • Set up automated email subscribe responses

  • Analyze traffic and engagement

  • And so much more!

I can cut my own hair but SHOULD I cut my own hair?

No, I definitely should not. I leave it to a professional (who is also a client but that's another blog post!).

Can I do my taxes? Yes.

SHOULD I do them? No, because I can spend my time doing other things and spare myself the headache by hiring a competent professional who knows the industry much better than I do. And because of that I usually end up saving more money.

"If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design."

Dr. Ralph Speth, CEO, Jaguar

When you hire a professional web designer you're not just getting someone who can make your site look pretty. You're getting someone who delivers a website that draws your customers in and makes them want to buy. And that's what we call a pretty. powerful. website.

Ready to get started with a consultation? Click here to schedule one today!

DIY web design
Bad web design can kill profits.

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