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Where To Start With Your Wix Website

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Feeling overwhelmed when it comes to designing your Wix website? You know it's important to have a stunning online presence for your business but don't know where to begin?

Never fear! Here are three things you can do to get started on the right track:

1. Determine your brand

Before you can figure out your website, you need to determine your brand. Otherwise, trying to design a website without going through this thought process is like putting the cart before the horse.

Think about your ideal client, your target audience.

What are they looking for?

What pains or issues do they have that you provide a solution?

How will your business or website influence their lives?

Discovering the answers to these and other brand defining questions helps you create your ideal client avatar. Once you create this avatar, you are then equipped to come up with messaging that will resonate with them.

Research your competitors to see what the landscape looks like in your industry. What are they doing right? What are they NOT doing that you can fill that void? Is there a niche that's going untapped in your market providing you an opportunity to grab hold of? Due diligence in this area helps separate you from the pack. Find a unique way to present your product or service so you can rise above the 'noise'.

Next, spend some time figuring out your brand identity. If you had to describe your brand in three words what would they be? Coming up with those three words gives you a guideline for colors and fonts that resonate with your brand personality. A branding board helps with this process saving a lot of time staring at the computer screen wondering what on earth you're going to choose when designing your site.

Branding board
Example of a Branding Board

2. Determine your design

Wix offers hundreds of pre-designed templates laying most of the foundational work for you. As you're searching, don't feel like you need to stick to your specific industry when searching for a template. For example, if you own a salon but find an auto mechanic template design you like, use it! The beauty of Wix is you can customize that site to your heart's content making it reflect your specific business.

Don't want the confines of a template or have something so unique there's no template for it? Start from scratch! It's literally a blank digital canvas waiting for your inner designer to unleash.

Once you find the template you love start customizing it with text, images, videos, etc. for your business brand. Use colors from the brand board you created in step one above. Add some fancy movement like parallax scrolling, full-length strips, video backgrounds, animations, vector art, and more!

Web design wix designer
Customize your web design to suit your business personality

3. Determine your visitor's journey

While it's important to get your website branding and design on par, it's just as important to ensure your visitor's experience on your site is engaging and conversion oriented. It's an absolute MUST that your visitor has a pleasant and friendly experience. As you create your site, remember these points:

Menu/Navigation Flow: Make sure your site menu is clear and intuitive. Visitors need to easily navigate between pages and subpages using the main menu or internal links.

Content Hierarchy: Guide your site visitors through your content in the order that best serves your interest. The most important aspects should be the most prominent, and your design should clearly reflect that.

Call-to-Action (CTA): What do you want your visitor to do? Call you? Schedule and appointment? Sign up for an event? Whatever action you want your visitor to take, make it a CTA. And make sure your CTA is prominent so people can find it easily to click through.

Mobile Optimize: Google is now ranking sites per their mobile version so be sure to take the time to check your mobile version. This device is where the majority of people will find you so ensure the experience on mobile is smooth and inviting.

These are just a few of the ways you can easily get started on your way to designing the perfect website for your business. If you're still not sure and need a little guidance, feel free to reach out to us here. Our passion is helping female entrepreneurs get a pretty, powerful, website...minus the overwhelm.

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