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The Easy Home Page Transform Trick Anyone Can Make

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Your home page is vital real estate when it comes to your website. It needs to be enticing, engaging and entertaining all at the same time.

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Ensure your Home Page hits a home run with this easy transform trick.

No pressure, right?

When you are DIYing your site it may feel a bit overwhelming and you may be wondering:

"Am I doing this right? "

"Will people want to work with me?"

"Does this look good enough?"

All valid questions.

But there is one very simple way you can make sure your home page looks spot on and it doesn't take a lot of design trickery.

Just a simple understanding of one basic rule:

>> Stick to two fonts. Three at the most.

One of the biggest DIY design mistakes I see is when people use too many fonts. (Trust me, I understand the temptation to use all the pretty, fancy fonts you see. I'm a self-proclaimed handscripty font junkie!)

The problem is, when you do this, it creates a very chaotic feel. They don't work well together and cause a disruption to the flow of your site. It's jarring and uninviting. Two things you don't want when you are creating your website because this causes bounce rates to go up.

So as you are designing your Wix site, scroll through the free font options Wix gives you and choose your top three favorites. Use one for your main headings/titles, another for your sub-headings/sub-titles, and the last one for your body copy. Maintain consistency throughout your site keeping those same fonts for the same content on all your pages.

This one change alone helps elevate your DIY website giving it a more professional polish.

Want to see it in action? Watch the under two minute video below:

Not sure you want to tackle designing your own site? Pick one of our support options that fits your budget and let's get you a site you love!

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