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How often should you update your website?

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Just like keeping your lawn maintained and looking attractive the same goes for your website.

Here are some simple things you can check today to ensure your site is current and up-to-date :

  • Change out any outdated photos (hello? If you haven’t done this in the last five years or so, this is your sign to switch it out!)

  • Update your social links (have you added a social account that’s not linked in your site?)

  • Check your services. (Do you have new ones not listed or old ones you don’t offer anymore?)

Head over to your site and see what items you can update and keep your site current.

Bonus tip: Google likes to see when there’s traction and updates on your site.

Need a site review or deep dive?

Visit my website and schedule your Wix Power Hour today!

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