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How Can I Get Found Online?

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

How Can I Get Found Online?
How can you get found online? Here are three easy ways.

It's the number one question I hear from small business owners and entrepreneurs, especially those just starting out. How can you get found online when you're up against so many others? How do you get people to find your site? While it may seem a daunting task, never fear. Here are three easy things you can do to help increase traffic to your website.

1. Include Keywords In Your Content

Keywords are what people type into a search engine to find you. For example, "best new restaurant near me" are keywords. They are the terms and phrases that people look up online, when trying to find a product or service. Adding specific keywords to your content helps you stand a greater chance of appearing in the results for those terms. As the Wix Blog explains, "Google believes that pages that contain keywords may be more relevant than pages that don’t. This is why adding keywords to your content can really make a big difference in whether or not someone finds your website online."

So how do you know what are your keywords? First, think like your potential clients: What are the words or phrases they would most likely type into Google in order to find you? Once you have the answer, you’re all set with a first list of keywords. Be sure to add them throughout the pages on your site as well as in the page titles, descriptions, home page, and blog posts.

2. Add Alt text to Images

What is alt text? This is the text you can attach to images you use throughout your site. Since Google can't "read" an image, the alt text helps the search engine understand what is on the picture on your website . This is a good place to add your keywords as well since it allows your images to show up in a Google images search as well.

3. Add Your Location

If your business gets customers from nearby, guess where they are looking for you? Online! People don't drive around looking for places. They grab their phones and start looking for whatever is on their mind at the moment. So invest some time and effort on your local SEO to help with your search engine results. It's just another way of making it possible for your website to rank well in Google’s results for people searching in your specific area, town or city.

How do you do this? Simply add your location to the pages throughout your site's content. Put it in your page titles and descriptions but also include it on your site's home page. You can also include a contact page or section along with a Google map in the footer. And while this may seem obvious, don't forget your NAP; name, address and phone. This is a top priority for people when looking for you so be sure it's easy for them to find.

Are you ready to finally get a pretty, powerful, website that makes you excited and profitable? Get the info you need here.

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