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6 Reasons To Automate Your Email

Why should you think about automating?

Email automation is KEY to keeping top of mind with your audience and saving yourself time!

Automation helps you keep in touch with your subscribers without having to send individual messages each time.

Additionally, automation is a great way to remind your audience about events or promotions.

Here are SIX more reasons to automate your emails:

1️⃣Relevance - When a subscriber signs up to your list, the automated email they receive is relevant so they’re more likely to open and engage.

2️⃣Engagement - Automated emails should increase user engagement.

Offer an introduction video, a bonus download, an answer to a frequently asked question, a case study, or even a success story.

3️⃣Time Saver - If you're NOT using e-mail automations, I recommend it if you want more time.

4️⃣Brand awareness - Automated emails serve as an extension of your brand.

They strengthen the connection between you and your customers and build the like, know and trust factor.

5️⃣Loyalty - People who sign up for your emails see the value of connecting with you and being a part of your community.

Automated emails nurture your relationship with them…and that builds loyalty to you and your brand.

6️⃣Revenue - Make no mistake. Automated emails (which drive your list numbers up) translate into driving up your revenue.

There's a direct correlation between email numbers and revenue numbers.

Automation will boost engagement and ensure a great experience for your audience…which will help you reach your business goals for 2022.

Looking to learn more about email automation? Check out my free Welcome Email Sequence Masterclass!

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