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3 Ways to supercharge your website

You look at your website and you know it needs some love. But you’re hustling, overwhelmed, and simply don’t have hours to spend fixing it up.

Here are three quick fixes you can implement in under an hour:

1. Add white space. White space is essential to good design. Your text and images need room to breathe. Take a look at the elements on your pages and if things are too close give them some breathing room with white space.

2. Use bullet points. When you have a lot of information break out key information with bullet points. You don’t have to use the typical round bullet point…get creative with fun and brand appropriate icons.

3. Stay consistent. Make sure your heading sizes, font choices, colors, button styles, spacing, design elements, photos—pretty much everything about your pages need to stick to your theme and look the same across all pages. This provides your user with a better experience and builds trust with your site.

This is a good start, but if you know your site needs more than this, join my Wix Website Reboot for 2022, Nov. 8-11, noon EST. It’s only $97, and you’ll get a more in-depth look at how you can get your site ready for 2022.

Are you ready for a pretty, powerful website? Join the Wix Website Reboot for 2022 today!

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