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Rave Reviews

Ruthann is a breath of fresh air! She has taken the lead on our website wants and needs, freeing me up to actually run my business. Ruthann is solution oriented, a true problem solver. Her talents are affordable, and her professionalism exceeds expectations. Commissioning Ruthann to manage our online presence was the best business decision I’ve made this year.

— Shannon Franklin

Golden Valley Doodles

"As a person who has created a website on Shopify, Wordpress and Squarespace, I wanted you to know that the Wix platform was by far the easiest. Why you might ask:

  • I did not have to think about the design. You were kind enough to assess my needs and point me in the right direction to a template that was beautiful and worked for all I wanted to offer. Shopify I was just on my own to determine if a template would work for me. I would dwell over just this decision for days. In one case, weeks. 

  • The drag and drop feature just makes it so easy. I knew Wix was for me, when I asked you about deleting a section and you said "just hit delete". Wix keeps it simple. 

  • The cost is very reasonable. For one of my shopify sites, I pay around $60 a month. Not with Wix

  • The site is beautiful and offers so many options. I can offer products and programs and showcase my podcast. And the best part is that these are not additional apps that I have to pay extra fees to access. 

Thanks so much for all of your help during this process. I am so excited to have an amazing looking branded website now LIVE to the world. 


Thanks WixDesignHER! You are the best!!!"


— Monica Allen

Become Your Own Boss Podcast

Working with Ruthann was most pleasant. She was willing to meet me on my schedule, was on time, and has been available for changes. I would recommend Ruthann to anyone looking to redesign an existing site or needs one built from the ground up.

—  Mike Sahli

DreamHome Electronics, LLC

Ruthann Bowen did a great job on our company website. She was very helpful and patient when training us how to use it. Quickly after launching the site we started receiving inquiries that we otherwise would not have gotten.  Any questions we have she answers quickly.

—  Bob and Linda Jackman

Jackman Plumbing, Inc.

Ruthann was an absolute joy to work with. I highly recommend you to use Ruthann if you want to get the job done right and enjoy the process of seeing your site come to life.

—  Frank Sanns

Sanns Science & Energy Specialists

I credit Ruthann's creativity, decision-making, and support before, during and after production with producing much interest and many sales for my book. I consider her a leader, advocate, and even mentor as she goes out of her way to help me through some of the tough questions I have to face in my market. I highly recommend Ruthann--The Bowen Agency--as a web designer and business consultant.

—  Glenn Rutland

Writer, Grace Stone Publishing

It has taken me over a year to find a company/person  willing to help me develop a website. I was close to giving up when I had the fortunate luck of finding and then reaching out to one more hopeful and that was Ruthann at the Bowen Agency. What I am grateful for is not only did she immediately call me back to discuss the website, Ruthann throughout the entire process answered my many questions. It was lots of work on both our parts but Ruthann made it feel relatively painless because of her patience. I am very happy with the final product and have received many compliments on the site. I also purchased the maintenance package that will allow me to change the site if needed, add new arrivals and it offers to me continued support answering my questions as I continue to learn and grow my business. 

—  Leslie Sherwin

Chaise Fashion

The Bowen Agency and Ruthann took my existing internet real estate and made it cohesive, modern and beautiful.  I can now point people to my website with pride rather than apologizing for it.  Her help with getting my blog page looking better has been invaluable.  If you want a beautifully designed website that will tell your business story, Ruthann will create your masterpiece.

—  David McGlennen

Impact Leadership Consulting

Just wanted to tell you I just talked to a prospect who found me strictly by a Google search and looking at my website! I can count the number of times that has happened in the last 5 years on one hand. 

—  Bev Miller

Money Coach Bev

Ruthann provided just what our new company needed--hands on website design, a strong dash of practical marketing/communications expertise, and pleasant can-do attention to our deadlines. I'd give her 6 stars but WIX won't let me!

—  Mike Riley, Amplifly

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