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Wix Website Support & Design
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You've landed in the right place if this sounds familiar:

1. You're having trouble getting masses of people to find you online.

2. You're DIYing your site but you know it needs help.

3. You're struggling trying figure out the best way to get, keep and maintain clients.

Ready to finally get your website and business on the right track? Then let's work together and get you on the right path to running a successful, money-making business!

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Here's what we help you with:

1. SEO

Get people finding you.

2. Design


Get people liking and
trusting you.

3. Lead Generation + Sales

Implement a repeatable process to grow.

All three areas need to work for growth to happen.

Not sure that's happening for you? Let's fix that!

Remember, in your customer's mind:

The quality of your website = the quality of your business.


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Website creation guidance and design

Customized marketing plan


Get a custom design

Your hard work is paying off.

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Our Clients Rave

Our Clients Rave

Our Clients Rave

Our Clients Rave

Our Clients Rave

Ruthann is an excellent and affordable resource for website coaching and development, whether I need a little or a lot of guidance. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and has saved me valuable time and energy. Thanks so much Ruthann!

~ Jenna W.

I highly recommend Ruthann. Hiring someone to help with website, promotions and all things needed is so tough but Ruthann is super at her job and if there's anything that you need that's outside of what she does, she will refer you to a pro. Very responsive, gives advice. Her webinars are awesome and she brings everything into bite size pieces so it's easier to digest. Great teacher! Thanks Ruthann for all your help.

~ Christine W.

RuthAnn is not only very knowledgeable about website design but she knows how to take complex technical terms and break it down into language anyone can understand. Her expertise and servants heart is winning combination.

I highly recommend her and absolutely love what she has done for my website.

~ Sherrie D.

Ruthann Bowen, Founder + CEO of Wix DesignHer

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Why beautiful design matters

I tried to do this myself. . .

...and it doesn't look that great.

I hear this. A lot.

And more times than not, non-designer, entrepreneur sites aren't seeing the conversion results needed to grow business.

Today, more than ever, with the advent of COVID-19, your website faces stiff competition. Putting out an 'OK' site you just threw together may end up in both financial and emotional disappointment. Both for you and your potential customers.

We're ready to change that for you.


Imagine your money-making site  here!

Ready to get the perfect home page? 

Unlock the mystery of setting up your home page once and for all.


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Get a beautiful website design

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