The Female Entrepreneur's Guide to

Creating Your Own Website in a Weekend

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Transform your website from DIY Disaster to Design Diva in just a weekend!


The Female Entrepreneur’s Guide to Creating Your Own Website In A Weekend is the go-to playbook for the DIY lover who desperately desires a professional website without breaking the bank. 


This no nonsense, how-to guide kicks overwhelm to the curb making it easy to create your own website in a weekend. (You read that right, in just a few days you can launch a shiny new website!) Discover insider professional tips and tricks showing you how to design a website that attracts, converts and grows your business. 


Inside you’ll learn all the magic how to:


  • Identify the language of your target audience converting them from tire kickers to raving fans.

  • Unleash your inner techie with easy-to-follow guidance from a pro designer.

  • Get more traffic to your site. More traffic love = more future customers.


By the time you reach the last page, you’ll be empowered—and excited—to finally launch a breathtaking, moneymaking, DIY website you love.

Help is here:

  • Phone Support

    Get your questions answered in a quick half hour phone call. Stop stressing and wasting precious hours trying to figure something out. Get your answer in 30 minutes or less from a real person. Schedule your call today!

  • Wix Mini Course

    If the whole 'setting up your business' has you exhausted and wanting to throw in the towel, this is the perfect option for you! This online mini course digs a little deeper into the chapters in the book, The Female Entrepreneur's Guide to Creating Your Own Website in a Weekend. Gain the knowledge and expertise you need to create your own professional looking DIY website!

  • Wix Set Up

    You're ready for personalized attention and a deep dive into getting your site fully prepared for showing the world what you have to offer! We'll go through each chapter of the book, step-by-step creating your own website from start to launch. We'll spend 4 hours (depending on your schedule) creating your brand board, writing converting copy, choosing the best images and filling in all the SEO properly. By the time we're done, you're launching a site you (and your audience) will love!

  • Design it for me

    When you are ready to hand the reins over and hire a pro, this is the perfect option for you. We have several packages to choose from to fit within your budget. Check them out by clicking below.

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