My Secret Resource For Perfect Images

Images make or break a site. Which is why it's important to make sure the images you choose to use on your site meet these three requirements:

1. Professional

2. Eye-catching

3. Match your vibe

Make sure your images are fuzziness, no pixels showing, well-lit, you get the picture (no pun intended). Your aim here is to have sharp images that don't look amateurish or grainy. People are drawn into your site with the visuals you use so be sure to entice them with high-quality images that are irresistible.

But also make sure they match the vibe of your site. If your target market is moms with newborns you don't want to use photos of college seniors getting tattoos and piercings. When a visitor lands on your site they should be able to tell immediately what industry you are in and what you are selling.

My favorite resource for high-quality, "stop-the-scroll" images is SC Stockshop and Social Squares. Take a peek here on The Bowen Agency Web Design or visit our Insta feed where we feature quite a few of Social Square's images. Shay Cochrane has curated an incredible resource of ready-to-use images, especially for female entrepreneurs. And we're so happy with her work we decided to become an affiliate so come join the party! Just click this link here:

I love that I don't have to spend hours trying to research to find the perfect photo for my Instagram feed anymore. AND, it gives my feed that cohesive, "magazine" look that helps draw people in and follow. Which is what it's all about, right?

Try it out and let me know what you think!! Tag me if you use any of the images and I'll be sure to follow you if I don't already. :)


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