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Backlinks: How They Affect Your Organic SEO

Here's a quick intro into backlinks so you can use them effectively in your SEO.

Think of backlinks as votes for your website.

Every time another site sends its reader to your website, that’s a backlink. 1. What's a backlink? Links on websites other than your own take the user back to a page on your website. It's when another website's traffic is coming to your own. For example, when you guest blog on someone else's site and you link back to yours. That's a backlink. 2. Think about E-A-T Google rates pages based on their relevance and link popularity, as well as on their expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, or E-A-T score. If you want Google to rank your page higher, remember it's checking to see that other people think your site's content is valuable. Google does this by- among other things- taking into consideration how many are linking (backlinks) to your website. 3. Getting links from a higher authority If you have a lot of people sending their readers to you via backlinks, then your what organic search experts call "worthy of amplification." That's why you want to check backlinks and establish a process to attract them from higher authority sites. You can accomplish this with content marketing campaigns, among others, to improve your site's search ranking.

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