Here are the notes from the Wix Con Miami talk I did on networking.

Feel free to download the PDF of the 1:1 H.A.N.G. sheet.


Overcome your fear.

“Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when trying something new.”


~ Brian Tracy


Find the right networking group.

a. Have patience

b. Try out a few different ones. Attend at least 2-3 times before making a decision whether to continue.

c. Have a long-term view


Set a goal.

a. Find at least one person who can "shift the dial" for you and your business.

b. Find someone you'd like to know better and set up a 1:1

c. Find someone you can help: networking is about giving, not receiving


Prep for the event.

a. Bring business cards. Be judicious about who you hand them to.

b. Dress appropriately and professionally

c. Have your 30-second elevator pitch ready

d. Bring a friend!


Upon arrival.

a. Introduce yourself and own the room.

b. Have questions ready to ask:

  --How did you get involved in...

  --What made you decide to go into....

  --What advice would you give to someone interested in...

  --What do you enjoy most about your profession...

c. Communication vs. connection


Post event.

a. Go through any cards you collected.

b. Send a Thank You card

c. Email suggesting a 1:1


What's a 1:1?

a. This is where the networking magic happens.

b. Keep the conversation going.

c. H.A.N.G. method


Keep at it.

a. 90% of my clients come from networking.

b. Communication + Connection = Conversion

Not sure where to start ?

Let's hop on a call and get it all figured out.

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