What's included:


You also get FOUR FREE BONUS DOWNLOADS including:

  • Content Planner

  • Additional Ideal Client Questions

  • Brand Board Template

  • SEO Checklist


All this for only​ $47!

Website in a Weekend Mini Course

This course is perfect for you if:

1. You've spent countless hours trying to figure out your website only to end up with more questions than answers.

2. You're banging your head on your desk because the 'easy' backend editor turned out to be more complicated than promised.

3. You're frustrated and tired of trying to figure it all out and are ready to  finally get a professional looking website you love.

When we were looking to update our website and make it more user and customer friendly, we interviewed several great companies, but Ruth Ann's really stood out. She was Interested in our needs, really listened and was so easy to work with. She got us, is very responsive with answers to questions and produced a professional product. I highly recommend Ruth Ann Bowen.

~ Bernie R., Magnolia on Main


Discover Your Audience

The first step towards creating a high converting website is knowing who you are talking to. In this lesson you'll go through several questions helping you narrow down your ideal client. Get to know them better so you can easily speak their language. 



Define Your Content

Discover what content really is and how to use it effectively.  When you use your content wisely you'll see your conversion rates go up.



Design Your Website

Notice how design is the third lesson? That's because most people start with design and work backwards. By going through the first two lessons in this course you'll have the tools you'll need to start the actual design of your website.



Dominate Your SEO

SEO is a very large topic. But you'll get the foundational basics you need in in this lesson order to launch your business with basic SEO in place.