I started Wix DesignHer to help busy, overwhelmed small business owners get the best web presence for their money. You work hard every day and your website should, too. That's why passion, power, and imagination fuel every one of our designs. It's what sparks creativity and separates the successful websites from the ho-hum. 


Are you ready to finally get a pretty, powerful website that makes you excited and profitable?

The Bowen Agency and Ruthann took my existing internet real estate and made it cohesive, modern and beautiful.  I can now point people to my website with pride rather than apologizing for it.  Her help with getting my blog page looking better has been invaluable.  If you want a beautifully designed website that will tell your business story, Ruthann will create your masterpiece.

~David McGlennen

Impact Leadership Consulting

We are open for business as usual during the COVID-19 crisis.

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