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Website content gathering can be such a pain.

Having trouble writing your website content? Not sure where to start or what to include?

It's no secret your messaging and your copy needs to attract  high quality customers. You know, the ones you want more of.

This free website content planner was designed specifically with you in mind and will get you writing clear and concise copy in no time!

Ready to get more leads and purchases from your website? Download your free copy of the Wix DesignHer Website Content Planner!

Imagine having an easy copywriting solution that saves you time and energy. And, helps you get it done right.

What's included

Here's what you'll get in this FREE Website Content Planner:​

1. Home Page Template

2. About Page Template

3. Solutions/Services Template

4. Contact Template

With easy to follow instructions and spaces to fill out your copy for each section, this step-by-step planner helps you figure out the best copy for YOUR website.

What you walk away with

Expert guidance walking you through how to write YOUR website copy 

Specific writing prompts removing the guesswork of what to write

Improved copy guiding your customer to say "YES"

Copy guidelines for the most visited pages on your site

Clear, concise and compelling copy

Free Website Content  Planner

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